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Russian Ruble Sports Betting

Most people in Russia that are interested in sports betting, being able to deposit, wager and withdraw Rubles should be a priority.  This is especially the case due to the recent wild swings in value of the Russian Ruble against other world currencies.  When you get to maintain the Ruble all throughout this cycle, you avoid the potential losses due to currency exchange fees and fluctuations.  

With such wild swings in the Ruble value, you are not only open to simply paying the exchange fee that will amount to 2% to 5% of your transacted amount, but if the value of the Ruble swings back up while you’ve transferred your funds into a Euro balance for example, you will not be able to buy as many Rubles with your Euro balance when you are ready to withdraw your money.

While sports betting is done for fun and your enjoyment, money is a big issue.  You want to get great odds and/or a great bonus.  But don’t forget that saving on currency fees and fluctuations is just as big of an issue in terms of ensuring that you keep your betting profitable.  Have a look at how costs due to currency exchange can add up below our list of recommended Russian Ruble sportsbooks.

Examples of why Russians should only bet with sportsbooks that offer accounts in Rubles

I will qualify the above statement slightly.  If for some reason, you have an income source in another currency like the Euro, the British Pound or US Dollars, then your choices of sportsbooks are far more open, as you can select any of the sites above plus the other three top sites for Russians as listed on our homepage.  You will be able to set any of those other currencies as your account currency and avoid having to change your money as you move funds in and out of your betting account

However, most Russians live their lives with the Ruble and that is what the following example examines.  First, let us just look at the issue of the exchange fee itself if you decided to play with a non-Ruble sportsbook.  You are about to get started with about 50,000 Rubles and you have decided that the Euro will be you base currency of choice.

When exchanging funds, we often go to Google, type in ‘Currency Converter’ and then find out the current Ruble to Euro exchange rate.  However, the rate that you find will be what is often referred to as ‘the day’s best rate.’  This rate is what is being used in the global currency markets where institutions are making extremely large trades.  The rate you will be given by your credit card, bank or e-wallet provider will be a retail exchange rate that will integrate a markup or profit that is anywhere from 2% to 5% of the value of your transaction.  

So let’s apply this to our example deposit above.  At the time of writing, the day’s best rate was 1 RUB = 0.0144624 EUR.  So the best rate would get you 723 Euros.  Ah, but you won’t get that rate.  Assuming a 4% markup, your rate compared to above will be about 1 RUB = 0.013883 which will yield about 694 Euros.  A quick subtraction of those two values tells us that you will have paid about 29 Euros simply to exchange and deposit your funds.  Now don’t forget, when you move to withdraw funds from your account back to the Ruble, you will end up paying a similar fee.  In the end, this is really a waste of money when there are great RUB betting options available to you with complementary banking methods and Russian Language websites.

Beyond these fees, remember that currently, the Ruble is going through tremendous turbulence with double-digit rises and declines over very short intervals.  If you ever need to get your money out of your betting account, this will leave you open to further potential losses in excess of the exchange fees.  Imagine the value of the Ruble boosting 20% in a day and you happen to want to make a withdrawal.  Your betting balance won’t buy nearly as many Rubles as the day before.  With the above 694 Euros in your account, If for some reason you wanted to withdraw your money as deposited above, you could end up with about 38,000 Rubles after currency fluctuation and fees.

So, unless you have a funding source in another currency, keep things simple - deposit, bet with and withdraw Russian Rubles when looking for an online sportsbook from Russia.  

How the list was created:

As general rule most sports betting review sites are built simply to present you with as many brands as possible with logos and banners in the hopes that you will recognize a brand that you know.  Next to these logos you will likely see a 5-star rating or a very high letter grade with no actual justification for this assessment.  These symbols only exist to encourage your play and are essentially of zero value to you.  

As you can see from my list, several of the biggest names in the Russians market and names that are large within the global betting market are not listed.  Unlike other sites, I’m not interested in simply trading on a brand that you know.  I want you to play with the betting sites that I truly believe to be best for the Russians bettor.

Each site must satisfy the following criteria:

I have reviewed over 30 of the World’s top sportsbook companies from the perspectives of dozens of different national markets including the Russians perspective.  

I’m not here to list every sportsbook, tell you what is wrong with them, and then hope to trade on their brand and logo because they have advertised and you know their name. I’m here to show you the best companies with which you may bet from Russia.  My list is in alphabetical order with no order of preference.  They all provide an excellent experience, but have their differences.  Please read and enjoy responsibly.

Russian Ruble Betting Issues

The best Russian Ruble online sports betting sites



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